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Bamboo Hair Wrap & natural wheat straw Shampoo Brush will give you frizz-free, shinier, healthier hair of your dreams with half the drying time, we promise!

Get BETTER hair and a CLEANER ocean with these better, more eco-friendly alternatives to the hair accessories you NEED in your life. 

CUT HAIR DRYING TIME IN HALF: Bamboo Hair Wrap is more absorbent than microfibre, and won't cause frizz like your cotton towels. Scrunch away the water and wrap your hair up in a silky soft turban for glorious, anti-breakage, frizz-free styling after every shower.

SALON-STYLE SCALP MASSAGE: all-natural biodegradable wheat straw plastic and silicone Shampoo Brush will have you moaning in the shower with the best wash of your life! It gently exfoliates the scalp as your wash your hair and stimulates blood flow to feed your follicles for your healthiest hair growth. Just one use and you'll wonder how you've lived your life without it. 

Bamboo Towel Wrap (reg. $39)
Shampoo Brush (reg. $24)

Items Also Sold Separately.

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