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  • Restore (White) - to112-ca
  • Restore (White) - to112-ca

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  • A lavish 100% silk pillow-cover consciously crafted to benefit the hair and skin during sleep.

    Cherish yourself: restore is the heart of good night’s rest.

    Silk: a natural fibre containing natural proteins and essential amino acids. Silk provides a gentle, hygienic sleeping surface while promoting moisture retention in hair and skin.

    - natural proteins & essential amino acids: counter the effects of aging

    - delicate surface: hinders breakage, frizz & tangles in hair, as well as creasing & wrinkles in skin

    - hypoallergenic: does not collect dust and other household mites less absorbent than cotton: allows hair and skin to retain its natural moisture

    - temperature regulator: keep cool in warm temperatures, and warm in cool temperatures.

    Lavender: widely celebrated for its fragrance, lavender is known to ease tension and encourage tranquility.

    100% SILK

  • To launder: Remove lavender sachet from insert and set aside. Hand wash case in cold water with a gentle detergent. To dry: Roll in a towel to expel water. Lay flat in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight. Return sachet to insert.

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