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After a couple of years of being deprived of salon visits and resorting to DIY hair maintenance at home (Tik Tok ‘cut your own bangs’ tutorial anyone?) It feels only right that we take the plunge and experiment with our hair in 2023. 

Last year we saw 1990s styles make a comeback—the resurrection of "The Rachel Cut"—and with long post-lockdown hair reigning for a while, many of us went for the chop. Animal-inspired cuts became all of the rage with the wolf cut, butterfly cut, octopus cut and jellyfish cut gaining popularity in a major way. Colour-wise we saw the revival of 1970s blonde and with so many celebrities going red in 2022, salons were seeing every shade being requested in the chair, from glossy copper to deep cherry.

So what will be the biggest hair trends in 2023? We already know microtrends will still be very much a thing with the fast-paced movement of social media and eagerness to try new things. We predict that we'll continue to experiment with our hair, trying out new cuts, colours, styling tricks, formulas and accessories on a quest to reinvent ourselves. Here are our predictions for 2023…

SLICK STYLES Hairstyles that are slicked back and smooth will be popular this year. Whether it’s top knots, ballet buns, or Croydon face-lift ponytails, sleek and smooth is the way to go. The key is to bring the sides of your hair in-line with the cheekbones for a razor sharp contoured look. These styles are easier to achieve when the hair is more malleable and slightly wet, start with the TO112 Serum and lock it in with TO112 Strong Hold Spray. Worried about hair-line frizz and unruly baby hairs? Go the extra mile with TO112 Anti-Humectant Spray.

THE WET LOOK Ultra glossy, impossibly shiny, wet-look hair is a 2023 trend that is set to be everywhere. At the Chanel and Saint Laurent shows, models wore this hairstyle at any length—from parted in the middle to deep side parts. A great way to take a daytime look into the evening, it can also work on any hair type. To achieve the look start by laying the foundation with healthy hydrated hair as part of your hair care routine using the TO112 Mega Moisture Mask two to four times a month. Complete the wet look style by mixing TO112 Hair Serum & TO112 Ultimate Hair Cream applied to hair that is around 60% dry (think damp not wet). If you're looking for extra hold use TO112 Curl Mousse. 

NATURAL TEXTURE Last year, we saw the birth of the Tik Tok curly hair tutorial. Curly-haired folks embraced their natural texture, from waves to coily curls. This trend isn't going anywhere in 2023 and for good reason! First, find a hairstylist with textured hair expertise who will cut your hair in a way that allows your hair to fall naturally. Next make sure you aren't interrupting your hair's natural curl pattern with heat damage and over styling. The key to getting the best out of your curls is locking in moisture with a leave-in treatment like the TO112 Anti-Breakage Detangler after your shower routine. Avoid blast drying your hair and opt for the "plop" method instead using the TO112 Bamboo Hair Towel . If you are looking for extra definition and max volume get some help from the TO112 Curl Mousse in combination with a diffuser.

THE BIXIE Short haircuts with strong shapes will be big news in 2023, including short crops, bobs, and haircuts that work with natural curls and movement. The Bixie, which is a mix between the bob and pixie haircut, will also gain momentum amongst the bravest of us. The hybrid haircut allows you to experiment with a shorter length while growing out seamlessly into a bob. Get the most out of this trending style by using TO112 Ultimate Hair Cream for an effortless yet chic finish. The hybrid haircut allows you to experiment with a shorter length while growing out seamlessly into a bob. Get the most out of this trending style by using TO112 Ultimate Hair Cream for an effortless yet chic finish. 

THE SHAG It seems that we'll be continuing to see the shag haircut in 2023, as hairdressers predict that its popularity won't fade. It started with the '70s Coup Sauvage/shag and continued through to the '80s mullet that has now become a neo-mullet/wolf cut. This hairstyle is still popular because it's flattering for most hair types and face shapes. It's low maintenance, as it encourages natural movement and thickness in hair too. The key to a good shag is volume combined with movement. Use TO112 Dry Texture Spray to create an effortlessly tousled textured look. This versatile styler is a better, healthier alternative to dry The key to a good shag is volume combined with movement. Use TO112 Dry Texture Spray to create an effortlessly tousled textured look. This versatile styler is a better, healthier alternative to dry shampoo.

 THE 90’S MIDI The midi cut is a good length of hair for anyone who doesn't want their hair too long or too short. In 2023 this style will be updated with wispy layers that flick out, but the length remains heavy so that the overall style is retained. To update your midi cut, ask your stylist to add internal layers and texture instead of keeping it one length at the shoulder or collarbone, so that it is more voluminous and fluffy. It should be cut well enough to wash and leave to dry naturally —a great haircut should give you versatility. But, for that ‘90s blow-out aesthetic, there will be some styling involved. To achieve maximum results with this cut use the TO112 Superior Blowout Mist along with your hair dryer and round brushes to create a voluminous bouncy style that will stay locked in for up to three days. To achieve maximum results with this cut use the TO112 Superior Blowout Mist along with your hair dryer and round brushes to create a voluminous bouncy style that will stay locked in for up to three days.

THE MULLET In 2023, '70s haircuts continue to prove popular. This trend stems from the previous trend of "done but undone" hair. A mullet is a super-layered haircut with the layers really short and contrasting with a longer length. It has gained popularity with folks wanting a wash-and-go type of style that can be dressed up or down. Use TO112 Sea Salt Serum to get the most out of this low maintenance cut.

CANDLELIT BRUNETTE If you want to take your brunette hair lighter or your blonde hair darker then no other hair colour compares to candlelit brunette. This golden-toned colour features rich and warm tones that compliment all skin tones and its low-maintenance! Worn by the likes of Hailey Bieber, Zendaya and Kaia Gerber, this glowing amber colour literally glows in the sun. It's achieved using reverse balayage to create lowlights in the lengths of the hair, keeping face-framing highlights light but warmer.  Protect your colour treated hair by using TO112 Biotin Shampoo for Damaged Hair and lock in that glossy candlelit blonde hue between salon appointments with TO112 Collagen Hair Mask.

LIQUID BRUNETTE Super-shiny and glossy hair will be a key look for 2023. Liquid brunette is an impossibly glossy hair colour that looks healthy, shiny and deep. In-salon glossing services and at-home treatments, like our TO112 Mega Moisture Mask and Superior Blowout Mist are key for maintaining that high-shine finish, helping to add depth and gloss to your natural hair colour or add dimension and lustre to coloured hair too.

AUBURN HAIR COLOUR In 2023, red hair colour isn't going anywhere. More people are experimenting with red and copper shades, especially after Kendall Jenner went copper a couple of months ago. Auburns hair colour trends have gained popularity with folks who previously had balayage in the summer want but now in colder months want richer and warmer tones. The only downside to this trending colour is that red tones tend to fade if not maintained properly, so keeping hair healthy is key! Use colour safe products when washing your hair like the TO112 Shampoo for Balanced Scalps and Conditioner for Normal Hair and DON'T skip out on UV protectors to prevent colour fade (yes even in the Winter months) like our TO112 Ultimate Hair Cream. 

SCALP HEALTH It might not be the most exciting trend in the books, but looking after your scalp is integral to healthy hair. Good scalp health is the foundation for healthy hair and it's catching on in 2023. With searches for the term “scalp treatment for dry scalp” up 70 per cent on Pinterest, it seems everyone is prioritizing scalp health and looking for methods that work.

We recommend washing your hair daily (yes daily) with paraben and sulfate free formulas. If you are confused about what shampoo to use on your hair, a good rule of thumb is that the skin on your scalp is a continuation to the skin on your face so choose your haircare the same way you choose your skin care. This might mean switching it up as the seasons change. Along with washing your hair daily and choosing the right hair care, promote healthier hair growth by using a TO112 Shampoo Brush to stimulate blood flow, and gently exfoliate the scalp. The salon-like head massage experience every time you shampoo will have you wondering how you've lived so long without it.

So, there you have our predictions for hair styles in 2023. Which trends do you think will take off? Which trends do you think we've missed? No matter what, we're excited to see what happens. 

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