Hammam Towel (Indigo)

Bath Towel


  • Hammam Towel (Indigo) - to112-ca
  • Hammam Towel (Indigo) - to112-ca

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These remarkably soft, lightweight and absorbent Hammam towels are delicately hand-woven in Tunisia with 100% cotton.

Tasseled hammam towels are great for the beach, bath & spa and are remarkably soft, and exceedingly absorbent. These superbly textured and lightweight towels are delicately hand-woven in tunisia with 100% cotton. Their compact and quick drying cotton also make them great for traveling! Any irregularities in the patterns reflect the hand-crafted nature of the product and add to the uniqueness of your purchase.


Colour: Indigo
Size: 90cm x 200cm
Fabric: 100% Cotton


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